How to Play Craps Online: Learn the Basics

Craps is a popular dice-based game played around the world in both brick-and-mortar casinos, and online casinos. While the origins of the game are disputed, some suggest that it was used as an early form of entertainment in 12th-century England. Today, it has transformed into a thrilling casino game and can be found in casinos around the world. The game is a little intimidating at first, but having knowledge of the basic rules and strategies can help you to become a craps master. This article will provide the basics of how to play craps online.

Introduction to Craps: What it is and How to Play Online

Craps is a fast-paced dice game played in casinos around the world. In online play, the game is simulated on a computer, with graphics that make it feel like you are actually at a casino table. The rules and setup are simple; the game involves players betting on the outcome of a dice roll. The bets can range from simple number matching to more complex combinations of numbers and payouts.

Learning the Basics of Craps: Rules and Dice in the Online Casino

The core rules of craps are simple. The game begins with a player rolling two dice. Depending on the outcome of the dice roll, players can make various different bets. Players may bet on the outcome of one specific dice’s face-up number, or on the outcome of the combined numbers rolled. The combinations of dice rolls determine the sets of rules for winning and losing.

Understanding the Table Layout and Game Play in the Online Casino

Most online casinos use a mirror of a traditional craps table. In the digital version, there is an animated dice-rolling feature that gives players a chance to roll the dice and make their bets. The table layout is a bit complicated, with the various payout odds and bet types shown in the interface. To get a better idea of the gameplay, it is a good idea to find a tutorial or instructional video on how to play the game before getting started. 

Betting Strategies and Tips for Success in Online Craps

Craps is in many ways a game of chance, which means that luck plays a big part in the outcome of each roll. To increase your chances of winning, it is important to understand the betting strategies and tips for success. For example, make sure to bet on the “passline” to get the most favorable odds. Additionally, try to stay away from betting on “6/8”, which has a high house edge. Payouts can be huge, but the risk is high as well.

Best Casinos to Play Craps Online

When selecting an online casino to play craps, it is important to know what to look for. The best casinos offer a range of games, including classic craps and new variations, with high payout odds and generous bonuses. They also have secure payment methods and great customer service. Do some research and read online reviews before selecting an online casino to play craps. 

Some of the best online casinos for playing craps include 888 Casino, Guts Casino, William Hill Casino and BGO Casino. 888 Casino offers a generous deposit bonus and ongoing promotions, as well as a wide selection of craps games. Guts Casino is one of the leading players’ choice casinos in Europe, offering a wide selection of casino games and fast payouts. William Hill Casino is a top gaming destination, providing reliable customer service and easy banking. Finally, BGO Casino offers a large selection of craps games and special bonuses for players.

Conclusion: Wrapping Up the Basics of Playing Craps Online

Craps can be a fun and exciting game to play, but players need to know the basics before getting started. While the game is primarily a game of chance, understanding the betting strategies and tips for success can help increase your chances of winning. Finally, it is important to select an online casino that is safe and secure, and which offers plenty of bonus rewards. With the right knowledge, you can be a master of the game in no time.

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