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Qatar Duty Free is making dreams come true with their one-of-a-kind “Millionaire Raffle” lottery! This amazing raffle offers the chance to win up to 1 Million $ USD and a variety of other exciting prizes. With tickets starting from a price of QAR 100, the Millionaire Raffle provides a delightful opportunity for anyone looking to win big. Read on to find out how you can take part in this lucrative lottery and how you can increase your chances of taking home the grand prize!

The different types of prizes and raffles 

Qatar Duty Free also offers raffles for cars and bikes in addition to it’s Millionare Raffle of $1,000,000 USD). Qatar Duty Free gives away top-of-the-range cars such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Ferrari models. There’s also the Motorcycle Raffle which gives away the latest Harley Davidson models and sports bikes such as the Kawasaki Ninja and Ducati Panigale. Winners of these raffles will have their chosen car or bike presented to them at a special ceremony.

Car Draw raffles 

With tickets starting from QAR 550 and up to QAR 650 (per ticket) you will be able to participate in a competition for a variety of super cars, at the time of writing this, you can win one of the following prizes:

McLaren GT Cosmos 2022

BMW Alpina XB7 Alpina Green II Metallic 2022 

McLaren 720S Coupe

Maserati Ghibli Hybrid White 2022 

Bike Draw Raffle

With tickets starting from QAR 100 (per ticket) you will be able to participate in a competition for a variety of super bikes, at the time of writing this, you can win a Triumph Tiger Sport 660 

Millionaire Raffle

The most popular lottery competition in Qatar, with tickets starting at QAR 950 you can buy as many tickets as you want to increase your chances of winning the big prize.

It is possible to buy tickets phisckly at HIA (Hamad International Airport) or online at Qatar Duty Free Millionaire Raffle page.

General rules and restrictions

  • Online purchases will receive e-tickets and not physical ones.
  • Qatar Airways Group staff are allowed to buy tickets.
  • Qatar Duty Free staff are not allowed to buy tickets.
  • All tickets bought online are non-refundable.

An important disclaimer by Qatar Duty Free

“The purchaser of the MIllionaire Draw ticket is solely responsible to ensure that participation in such a promotion does not contravene the laws and regulations of the country in which the purchaser is residing during the time of purchase. Qatar Duty Free does not implicitly or explicitly warrant that participation in this promotion is in compliance with local laws and regulations in the country of residence, and Qatar Duty Free is not responsible if the purchaser contravenes local laws and regulations by participating in this promotion.”

Summary of Qatar Duty Free lottery competition Terms and Conditions

  1. Tickets are available for purchase online and at Hamad International Airport. 
  2. Customers must provide valid passport number, nationality and contact details for entry into the Draws (Car, Bike and Cash). 
  3. Winners are only announced on Qatar Duty Free website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. 
  4. QDF transfer the prize of USD 1,000,000 into the winners bank account.  
  5. Car/motorbike winners must be personally present with original ticket, proof of purchase and copy of passport to collect the prize. 
  6. Car or bike shipment will be arranged by QDF to the nearest seaport of the winner. All taxes, import duties and custom charges etc. will be borne by the winner. 
  7. A new winner may be selected after 30 days if the original winner fails to respond to communication from QDF. 
  8. All QDF raffles have GCC specifications. 
  9. QDF reserves the right to cancel the draw and refund the ticket values. 
  10. Qatar Airways Group staff (excluding QDF staff) are allowed to purchase tickets, but QDF staff are not.  
  11. Other Terms and Conditions apply.

Support and contact details

For any questions / extra information / support feel free to contact the official support email for the Qatar Duty Free lottery at

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