Support technology, open source, and non-profit initiatives

Supporting technology, open source development, and non-profit initiatives is important because it helps advance the development of new technologies, create new opportunities for people, and promote social good.

Technology is constantly moving forward, and open source development is essential for driving innovation. Open source projects are developed collaboratively and allow anyone to contribute to the development of a project. By contributing to open source projects, developers can share their knowledge and help the project grow, which can lead to new opportunities for everyone involved.

Open source projects can also help promote social good. By contributing to open source projects, developers can help advance the development of technologies that could benefit society, such as open source software to help fight climate change or open source hardware to help people in need.

Supporting non-profit initiatives is also important. Non-profits often work towards causes that benefit society, such as helping the less fortunate or providing education to underserved communities. By supporting non-profits, you can help them achieve their goals and make a positive impact in the world.

We guarantee to allocate part of all of the future revenues to this cause, please reach out (using our contact page) if you feel you have found an organization or project worthy of our support and we promise to check it and see how we can help.

Some of the organizations and projects we are currently happy to be supporting: